Monday, August 29, 2011

Come on...Irene!

So...I've spent some time inside lately due to the torrential rain and windy winds. Irene did a number on so many people! My husband and I were lucky enough to have very minor damage to our deck. Only one board was damaged when a massive tree limb fell exactly vertical through the deck. We had many leaves and debris in the yard, but after a quick clean up, we are back to normal! We are some of the lucky ones who never lost power...praise the Lord!

All this time inside gave me more than enough time to spend my last (sad face) days of summer working on...SCHOOL WORK! What did I do, you ask? Well, I worked on my classroom library (labeling all the chapter books with AR level and points & putting a color sticker on each binding to represent the AR level--phew!), cut out laminating, organized what I could, and lots more!

Today was supposed to be our first day of teacher work week...but Irene put a damper on that. One more day of summer!! Except what did I work on?? More BOOKS for the classroom never ends. And...I'm feeling the pressure because we have Open House on Thursday...which means my room as to be READY! Can we say behind schedule? I've have LOTS to do once we go back to work. Fingers crossed for Tuesday...can't believe I'm crossing my fingers to go back to school...

Hope everyone survived the storm...and earthquake (last week)! A friend of mine decided to endure a blizzard as well to make it a hat trick--she went to DQ! Love it :-)


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